Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence

A Spring Renewal

Here in mid-Missouri, we are all recovering from perhaps that worst case of spring fever anyone can remember, after what seemed like months of a winter that wouldn’t let go and a spring that lost its sprung.


My six-year-old daughter holds up three pens (pictured) and asks, “Mom – can you tell which one of these is different?” Without hesitation, I answer “The one in the middle.” I mean, isn’t it obvious? More style.

Do Your Thing

Planning events.  That’s what does it for me.  It’s that thing that’s just… in me.  The checklists, phone calls, scheduling, décor…  seeing it all come together and then looking on, watching everyone enjoying themselves.  I get immense satisfaction from it.

Stop Wasting Your Money On Bad Advertising

Most business owners have at some point thought, “Half of my marketing is not working. If only I knew which half.” First of all, let’s clarify the difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is utilizing various channels to deliver a message that promotes your business. Marketing is the process by which you build your brand, and includes your advertising, among many other things.

Remove The Glasses

I read an article recently that talked about a natural tendency to treat prospects differently than we do clients. It’s kind of like a new relationship – what my mom calls “love’s rose-colored glasses.”

Policy, Schmolicy

Does it seem like policies do nothing but get in the way of whatever you’re trying to get done? In theory, all policies were derived to help the business run smoother and to better service the client. But when a policy is held so strictly that there is no room for flexibility, it becomes not so good for the client, and therefore, not so good for the business.

SEO: Scams Revealed, Veils Lifted

If you are like most business and marketing professionals in the world today, you feel that (a) SEO is some veiled process that cannot possibly be understood, let alone managed, by even the most intelligent of non-technically-inclined business minds and therefore (b) is most certainly a made up acronym by techy-scam-artists to steal your hard-earned profits.

Quite Frankly, You Suck.

…Is what we’ve all said (or wished we said) to that business that just seriously screwed up our day. It’s the fast-food chain that got your order wrong in the drive-thru. It’s the cashier who is more interested in gossiping with co-workers than checking you out. It’s the associate at the counter who puts you on hold to answer the phone.