Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence

Don’t Toss My Salad

Remember the days of the salad bar? A quick lunch grab at your local grocery store that is both nutritional and delicious? Peering at the multitude of offerings and contemplating what you will enjoy?

Why Not Write?

Then we learned to write our name, and soon we moved on to sentences.  Later we learned about syntax and flow. We were given the basic formula for a five-paragraph theme.  Some of us took to it right away, and others didn’t see the point.  But whether you consider yourself a good writer or not, we all know what we like when we read it.

Your ROI Vs. Your Message

Your advertising message is important. Do you need to try harder? It’s tempting to write an ad filled with tried and true ad speak, using phrases such as “locally-owned”, “for all your _______ needs”, and a current favorite, “now more than ever.”

The Difference Maker

What truly makes you different from your competitor? For one segment of your audience, it may come down to price. For a majority of your audience, it will come down to value. And the perception of value stems mainly from their experience.

You Better Own It

I know a woman who fired her hair stylist after catching her inappropriately parked in a handicapped spot. An associate of mine lost a client because of something their associate posted on Facebook. An account director lost a prospect they were close to getting because they treated a waitress badly. The waitress happened to be the prospect’s sister.

The Art Of Soft Skills And How To Inspire Them

Most companies proclaim to hire for attitude and train for skill. But the “attitude” most sought in potential employees is actually soft skills, which are widely believed to be unteachable. Therefore, the training provided to employees once hired is predominantly focused on the hard skills needed to do a specific job, even though it is soft skills which better guarantee employee success and longevity, and lately, seem harder to come by.

The Easiest And Most Affordable Way To Win Customers

We live in a world of disappointments, broken promises and under delivery. Okay, so maybe it’s not quite that bleak.  But I think we can all agree that when it comes to doing what you say you will do, most people fall short. What a tremendous opportunity to excel with your customers and make a powerfully positive impression.

It’s More Than Better Listening

Virtually every conflict in every relationship, both personal and professional, could have been avoided (or certainly lessened) had the communication been more effective. Electronic methods of communication add yet another lawyer to the complication.

The Very Best Company Investment You Can Make

Virtually every aspect of your company can be upgraded. You can purchase newer and faster equipment, develop better processes and update pricing. But your greatest asset, and the one that deserves the most attention, is your employees. Investing in employees provides tangible and intangible benefits to your company in every area. It is also your greatest opportunity for increased returns.