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It’s More Than Better Listening

Virtually every conflict in every relationship, both personal and professional, could have been avoided (or certainly lessened) had the communication been more effective. Electronic methods of communication add yet another lawyer to the complication.

Quite Frankly, You Suck.

…Is what we’ve all said (or wished we said) to that business that just seriously screwed up our day. It’s the fast-food chain that got your order wrong in the drive-thru. It’s the cashier who is more interested in gossiping with co-workers than checking you out. It’s the associate at the counter who puts you on hold to answer the phone.

Mouths Are Not For Listening

As the mother of a four-year-old, I’ve become aware of a series of books that help parents deal with common, yet annoying, preschooler behavior. The books, such as “Hands Are Not for Hitting” and “Tails Are Not for Pulling” are the work of author Martine Agassi, and they have inspired me to take a look at an adult behavior that is also both common, yet annoying.

Why You Hate Marketing People

All my life, I have encountered business owners who suffered bad experiences with “marketing people”. Some would lump marketing people into the stereotypical lot of “dishonest” professionals such as auto repair mechanics, lawyers and IT professionals. All by the way, have had the misfortune of being misrepresented by a few very noticeable, sour and rotten apples.

The Truth Hurts. Seek It Anyway.

“You lied! You said it wouldn’t be so bad and it is the worst ever!” These were the words uttered by a friend’s five-year-old son who had just had his tonsils removed. A heartbreaking moment for both child and mother, as any parent can imagine. But that’s the greatest, realest, sometimes excruciating and often embarrassing thing about kids – brutal honesty without fear.