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Don’t Toss My Salad

Remember the days of the salad bar? A quick lunch grab at your local grocery store that is both nutritional and delicious? Peering at the multitude of offerings and contemplating what you will enjoy?

Why Not Write?

Then we learned to write our name, and soon we moved on to sentences.  Later we learned about syntax and flow. We were given the basic formula for a five-paragraph theme.  Some of us took to it right away, and others didn’t see the point.  But whether you consider yourself a good writer or not, we all know what we like when we read it.

Your ROI Vs. Your Message

Your advertising message is important. Do you need to try harder? It’s tempting to write an ad filled with tried and true ad speak, using phrases such as “locally-owned”, “for all your _______ needs”, and a current favorite, “now more than ever.”

Stop Wasting Your Money On Bad Advertising

Most business owners have at some point thought, “Half of my marketing is not working. If only I knew which half.” First of all, let’s clarify the difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is utilizing various channels to deliver a message that promotes your business. Marketing is the process by which you build your brand, and includes your advertising, among many other things.