Digital Marketing

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One of the biggest changes in marketing over the last decade is the advances in digital media. Digital lets customers get information on their terms, and it is highly targetable and trackable for advertisers.

With a lower production cost than most traditional advertising, businesses can market quickly, change creative frequently and target audiences effectively.

Website Development Services

The Website Vantage

Your website is often the first point of contact with your potential customer. Ensuring it accurately communicates your brand and provides a positive experience for visitors is key to driving those potentials to the next step.

Your website’s design should extend your brand while being easy to navigate and responsive. We stay abreast of current website viewing habits and trends so your website is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Your website content should be easily digestible and intuitive. We work with you to develop thorough and concise content, giving customers a feel for your brand and the details they need to determine if you are the right fit.
Our developers build your website, ensuring it’s highly functional, SEO-friendly and can be easily updated. We avoid custom plugins to extend your site’s longevity and test features before it goes live.
Social Media Services

The Social Media Vantage

You know that social media plays an important role in marketing, but you may be unsure how to garner a return on your social media investment. We can help!

Whether you need organic social media management, advertising or a combination, we strategize to determine who we need to speak to and what we want to accomplish on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

We then work to uncover the topics of interest for your desired audience and create customized messages along with engaging designs to gain their attention. Monthly metrics are provided and reviewed each month to guide any enhancements needed.

Vantage offers a two-part social media training for businesses that want to manage organic social media in-house but aren’t sure how to get started. 

The training begins with identifying your team and devising your strategy. We workshop to create a social media guide with parameters on posting strategy, audience goals and desired benchmarks to help team members maximize their efforts.

Digital Advertising Services

The Advertising Vantage

There are many options when it comes to digital advertising. Vantage has experienced, dedicated digital professionals who focus solely on keeping up with day-to-day changes so we can provide the best strategies.

Search advertising puts ads in front of qualified customers who have already indicated, by the terms they’re searching on Google or Bing, that they’re in the market for your product or service. Search advertising effectively drives traffic to your business fast.

Display ads target qualified audiences through their search terms and drive customers to action with engaging visual designs. Display ads come in a set of various sizes for different devices and positions on feeds and websites.

Social media advertising targets customers on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. You can target specific demographics, geographics and psychographics by utilizing user profile data and habits to match interests and behaviors.

Harness the power of video on streaming services. Share your message with customers watching Hulu, YouTube and other platforms. OTT (over-the-top) commercials can be placed into programming or run as pre-roll before or during videos.