Creative Services

Engage Your Audience

If your message doesn’t matter to them, it doesn’t matter – period. Vantage Consultants works with you to uncover a unique and compelling message that is true to your brand and business.

We develop poignant creative to relay that message, connect with your target audience and actively engage them in thinking about how your product or service can improve their lives.

Branding Services

The Branding Vantage

Successful branding starts with identifying the unique aspects of your company that make doing business with you desirable to your target audience. Your brand experience solidifies your brand perception in the hearts and minds of your audience and must be effectively delivered with every encounter.

We work with you to develop your entire brand persona – setting believable, deliverable and appropriate expectations for your customer experience.

Graphic Design Services

The Design Vantage

Representing your brand visually entails creating unique pieces that gain attention while remaining on-brand and client-focused. Once we have engaged your audience, we can deliver the message that drives them to action.

Our designers are skilled at creating materials that direct viewers’ eyes and make a memorable impact. Our team uses their knowledge of color, sight, spacing, balance, typography and flow to create work that gets results.

Video Services

The Video Vantage

Video has the power to inspire with a combination of both sight and sound. It is one of the most desired forms of content today. Vantage Consultants offers high-quality video production for both broadcast and digital uses.

From deliberate lighting and shot framing to impactful scripts, we develop and produce videos that resonate with the intended audience and showcase the very best of your business.

Audio Services

The Audio Vantage

Powerful audio messages can do more than tell your story – they can cast your audience as the main character. Vantage Consultants is skilled at writing compelling audio scripts designed to paint a picture that resonates with the listener, allowing them to connect with your message and see themselves moving forward with you.