About Us

We Know How to Use Our Crazy for Good

Let’s face it – we’re all a little crazy. But learning to use your crazy for good and not evil is where true brilliance ensues. That’s the women of Vantage Consultants.

We are crazy obsessive.

We’re good at what we do because we hold ourselves to high standards. That means meeting deadlines, providing deliberate and responsive communication, and doing what we say we’ll do at the price we quoted. For us, integrity is non-negotiable.

Boredom and complacency make us nuts.

When you partner with us, you won’t get the same old strategies and results. Marketing is a dynamic industry. Although the never-ending options and new opportunities can be overwhelming to some, it’s our happy place. And by the way, we won’t stop treating you like we did when you were just a sparkly prospect twinkling in our eyes.

We are crazy about results – and details.

Each month our clients receive a detailed report with their billing that demonstrates the performance of our campaigns. We are committed to providing the deets. And we’re always happy to review it with you.

We’re crazy about our clients.

If we decide to work with you, we think you’re a good person with a great company, and we are genuinely invested in your success. We listen, advise and deliver. We don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but we always tell you the truth. Ultimately, our job is to earn your trust. Hopefully, we earn your friendship, too.

Get to Know us

Before you decide to work with us, make sure you like us! We’re not for everybody; there’s much more crazy to explore. The clients that do work with us will tell you we get them crazy-good results. We make their crazy lives easier and are also a lot of crazy fun.

Anna has spent half her life developing brand strategies and telling great stories. She’s done the studying with an English degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia. She’s also a graduate of the Wizard Academy’s “How to Write Powerfully and Clearly,” among other high-level writing and creative studies. 

Anna has crazy, off-the-charts empathy, which explains why she cries when watching others perform and achieve. (Cut to a tearful mother at her daughter’s school talent show, crying for the students she didn’t know because “they’re so brave!”) This crazy empathy allows her to climb into the hearts and minds of the intended audience to develop intuitive messages that resonate and move them to action. 

She has directed multiple creative projects for traditional and non-traditional mediums and has a talent for delivering poignant and effective communication. Anna is also an accomplished trainer and has assisted organizations in cleaning up their own crazy – by improving internal culture and communication strategies.

Anyone who knows Anna will attest that she is rarely quiet and tends to make friends wherever she goes. She still enjoys sharing an adult beverage or two with good company. In her younger years, she could often be found on the dance floor. 

These days she and her husband, David, stay entertained by their precocious, grade-school-aged daughter Sophia, who is now Anna’s primary dance partner. They enjoy spending weekends as a family – either off on an adventure or hanging out in their backyard. 

They are avid Cardinal baseball fans and enjoy Mizzou football and Blues hockey. They like to travel for fun and to visit extended family, which is plentiful and spread out. They also love attending concerts. When not with family, Anna enjoys cooking and organizing…pretty much anything!

Kelli is crazy about numbers and spreadsheets. She’s convinced all things will add up. She has over 21 years of media experience, developing and implementing successful marketing strategies for a variety of clients and industries. 

Kelli is a big-picture thinker who has mastered the dynamic blending of traditional and non-traditional mediums. She effectively reaches target audiences and drives results for clients. She’s crazy about budgets and adamant that we work within the agreed-upon parameters. 

Kelli also possesses more than six years of qualitative and quantitative research experience, giving her a scientific lens for analyzing audience behaviors. Kelli is passionate about her business partners and getting results for clients. 

Kelli adores her crazy family and friends and will do practically anything for them. She is the hostess with the mostest when it comes to entertaining or football watch parties, and she always appreciates a good bonfire or drinks around the pool. 

When craving quiet time, Kelli prefers to be outdoors on her many acres watching for critters and admiring sunsets. Her favorite season is summer; it never gets too hot for her, whether she’s driving the mower or relaxing in the pool. 

She loves her partner, Marty, of more than 22 years, who keeps her on her toes while also keeping her grounded. They frequent local dining establishments and travel when they can. Nashville and the beach are some of their top destinations, but they certainly make their own fun wherever they go. 

Mandi Heiland

Vantage Consultants was founded on the dreams and determination of three talented women. These women wanted a business that allowed them to successfully do what they loved while having the flexibility to prioritize their own lives. 

The three original partners were perfectly matched, with complementary skills and talents that completely fulfilled all roles required for success. More importantly, they were the best of friends – sisters by heart – whose shared aspirations drove them to build something lasting. That these three partners found one another was surely divine intervention.

In March 2020, a year soon to become known as the year that everything changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mandi passed away from complications of pneumonia. She was 39 years old.

Not a day passes that her absence is not felt. She was a knowledgeable businesswoman, a wiz at spreadsheets and numbers, our resident IT tech and legal consultant, and rarely met a media rep she didn’t like. She was a caring partner, always willing to listen and lend support; a wealth of knowledge with a love for research and learning; a bright smile that always made the day better.

As the mother of two boys, Brock and Aiden, Mandi was never more proud than when watching them play baseball and basketball or shoot archery. She loved camping, fishing and going to mud runs with her longtime partner, Scott. They also enjoyed taking the Harley out on the weekends and exploring little towns and local eateries. 

At home, her time was most enjoyed with her family – watching football, playing pool and hibernating on a welcome snow day. She loved spending time in the kitchen cooking and canning. And for the car enthusiasts, she was the proud, longtime owner of a black ‘93 GT Mustang.

Although our Mandi is no longer here for the day-to-day triumphs and challenges, she will forever remain in our hearts. The success of Vantage Consultants, today and always, will be a tribute to her memory.